Understanding Psycholinguistic’s

Deciphering the complexity of human behaviours

Our exclusive psycholinguistics approach helps us to combine the methods of linguistics and psychology and utilise its applications in business.

A well-known approach within behavioural sciences, psycholinguistics evaluates the underpinnings of psychological reality and linguistic process. It is a scientific discipline that determines how language is produced and understood; and how that links with deeper mental processes. The theory of psycholinguistics is that the way people interact, think or respond in any situation is due to their psychological processes i.e. their cognitions. Unlike the frameworks used half a century ago, psycholinguistics does not interpret the message on the surface level; rather, it deciphers how the person is able to construct the message mentally.

In clinical research and practice, a number of psychological and developmental screening tools have been built on the theory of psycholinguistics. However, it has only found its true value in the business sector. Psychologists have been using tools based on the approach for assessing personalities and other psychological processes, based on human interaction. But now, with the use of AI and professional expertise, valuable insight can be gained about a person’s personality, attitudes and behaviours on a much deeper level.

The insight and knowledge you receive from communicating is instinctive and innate. When playing a game or being interviewed, your conscious knowledge and behaviour is activated. Rather than using a deeper communication, a person’s complex, unconscious behaviour and knowledge can be unlocked by analysing the internalisation of language structures, words and expressions.

Communicating with someone by asking a few questions limits what you can learn about them and gives insufficient insight to predict their behaviours. However, the detailed nature of our model allows us to understand people by profiling their ‘psyche’. In simpler words, gathering data about someone, when they are not conscious about how they appear, produces a true reflection of their personality. By using psycholinguistics we can reveal accurate information about a person’s traits and attitudes.

As an executive, you want people working for you that are productive, reliable and consistent in their performance. Instead of wasting resources on recruiting new people, you can unlock their potential by assessing their personalities. Matching their cognitive process by the ordinary use of language and tone of their communication can be achieved by using psycholinguistic analysis.

In today’s world, the comprehensive approach of psycholinguistics in the business sector will help you succeed in the recruitment of suitable employees for the job by unlocking the potential of people to achieve maximum value, matching the right personalities to work together and ultimately, building a deeper connection with the right communication style.

In the same way, we design team development, candidate identity and customer profiling analyses in Trace Data Science by applying the foundations of psycholinguistics. We take into account the ‘unsaid’ and ‘underlying’ processes in the use of language, to uncover true and valuable insight about people, allowing you to make informed and educated decisions.

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